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New Japanese Chisels, My Evolution In Sharpening #9.

I recently decided to upgrade my chisels to something that better fit my style of work, and the feel I’m looking for. While there was nothing wrong with my Lie-Nielsen chisels, I still wanted to have something more balanced, with a different handle, and something made by a small maker. I’d been fascinated by Japanese chisels, and had researched them for a bit, so I decided to switch. Along with that switch, came a different way of sharpening. If I was going to get Japanese chisels, I was going to use their traditional method of setting up the chisel and sharpening it. Thanks to the advice from Wilbur Pan from Giant Cypress, I zeroed in on Fujihiro brand chisels made by the amazing Mr. Chitaro Imai which I bought from Hida Tools.

Finishing the inside

It’s been a couple of weeks and now the shop inside is complete. That includes work to dry wall, mud, paint, final electrical, and floors.

Insulating the roof of the workshop

Unlike the roof of a home where you will find a 2×8 or 2×12, TuffShed builds their roof with 2×4. Given that the city is requiring me to use R-38 type insulation, the 2×4 joists pose a real challenge because the insulation is 8″ thick. Solving that problem took a bit of trial, error and research before I figured out the correct and clean solution to get it done.

Building and moving to a shop in the yard

Ever since I’ve taken up woodworking and started a small business with it, I’ve contently worked in our house basement. The space is a cozy 14×17 and suits my mostly hand tools approach to my work, with a couple of recently-added power tools to help me thickness and rough-out parts.

I never apologize for the value of my work, and neither should you.

I often discuss with friends and colleagues in the woodworking community how we choose to price our work. It’s an interesting debate that never results in an answer. The reality is that there is no one universal answer for: What is my work worth? The Reality Of Our Consumption-Driven Society. We live in a highContinue reading “I never apologize for the value of my work, and neither should you.”

My Evolution In Sharpening My Tools: Evolution #7 & 8 – Oil Stones and Freehand

Evolution #7: Two Oil Stones and a Strop. At his point, I want to get closer to what Maguire does. When I look at the Soft Arkansas Stone it is not as expensive as the Black Stone, and I order one. I fully vest into oil stones and sell the diamond stones. Selling the diamondContinue reading “My Evolution In Sharpening My Tools: Evolution #7 & 8 – Oil Stones and Freehand”

My Evolution In Sharpening My Tools: Evolution #5 & 6 – Strop and Diamond Paste

Evolution #5: Re-Introducing the strop. I decide it is time for me to stop resisting the strop, and learn to use it right. Sharpening through a completely unnecessary number of stones to get sharp, and diamond paste makes re-adding the strop a clear option. Learning to use the strop properly is the key to gettingContinue reading “My Evolution In Sharpening My Tools: Evolution #5 & 6 – Strop and Diamond Paste”


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